Hanna Somatics goes to the heart of most chronic muscular pain: the brain. Just as the brain can learn positive things like riding a bike it can also learn negative things, like holding oneself stiff and out of balance. Because the brain controls the muscles, the brain must be involved in teaching the muscles to relax, release and remember how to move again.

So how does Hanna Somatics differ from other approaches such as physical therapy, massage therapy, surgery, stretching, acupuncture or drugs?

  • The technique of Pandiculation – the “aha!” moment of Hanna Somatics. You learn to reset muscle length at the brain level and regain voluntary control of habitually contracted muscles for pain relief and increased mobility.
  • Somatics focuses on full body patterns of muscular contraction, rather than just focusing on one area of pain. Tightness in the centre of the body translates to tightness in the periphery (hip, knee, foot, neck).
  • Hannah Somatic Education is Active not Passive. Physical therapy, massage, and other methods confer temporary pain relief because they are passive. You are being worked on. Only you can release habitually contracted muscles for the long term through your active participation. It is your brain that controls your muscles, therefore the best method for long term pain relief is through active improvement of your sensory motor system.

Somatic Education teaches you specific skills and movements that improve self-awareness, and self-monitoring to help you achieve long term pain-free, increased mobility, balance and coordination.


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